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Spain: a favoured target
for cyber-attack
“Last year, more than 70,000 cyber-attacks were undertaken against Spain", José Manuel García-Margallo, Spain's Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation

“Cyber-security events need to be included in a risk process that links to business indicators to contribute tangible value,” Blas Simarro, Head of Product Management at S21sec.
“Cyber-security is a key aspect of the plan to modernize the instrumentation and control systems at the Cofrentes plant", Vicente Zuriaga, Iberdrola engineer
Why attend

Another great conference which contained a great deal of useful information. It was a pleasure to be at the conference not just for the content but also the networking opportunity.

Vice President, Barclays

The e-crime Congress was a wonderful opportunity to gain an insight into the current issues affecting the business world today. It was invaluable to be able to discuss the impact of e-crime with such a broad range of delegates, from many backgrounds and with such varied expertise.

Manager - Technology Oversight, Royal Bank of Scotland

I was really impressed with the size of the event and the high quality of the talks - personally I can't wait for the next one!

Graham Cluely, Security Guru

A very worthwhile event; informative, educational and great networking opportunities. The breakout sessions were excellent, I wish I could have seen them all! Very well organised. I look forward to attending the next one.

Information Security Specialist, British Airways

The conference covered all important aspects around e-Crime and Cyber security in inspiring presentations and education slots. Speakers from large European corporations as well as from vendors and consultant companies were highly qualified. Vendor representatives were available all day for more detailed background analysis. The logistics and venue were excellent.

Data Security Officer, Bosch
Why Sponsor

Thanks AKJ Team for a very well organized eCrime Paris. The quality of the attendees was very impressive.
VP International Marketing, Return Path

The e-Crime conference was excellent. The quality of speakers and presentations was very high, and the content very informative. I particularly liked the focus on case studies, latest trends, and real experiences. I look forward to coming again next year.
VP Product Management & Product Marketing, Imperva

This is always a great event for ‘taking the temperature’ on security issues, to get a feel for people’s impressions on current security challenges and to find out what organisations of all kinds are doing to manage security and mitigate the risks.
Senior Regional Researcher, Kaspersky Lab
About the e-Crime and information security Congress
Spain is at the cyber-security frontline. After the US and UK, it is the third most likely target for cyber attack: it was the victim of over 70,000 cyber-attacks in 2014. And the attacks are changing. They have become longer and more persistent. Malicious insiders have become stealthier. All adversaries have become more sophisticated. Companies must think not of individual cyber attacks, but of a continuous cyber campaign. So how can Spain’s companies defend themselves in this new and dangerous environment? And how can they do this cost effectively?

e-Crime & Information Security Spain will provide an unrivalled gathering of experts. For cyber-security vendors, Spain, and this e-Crime event, are a crucial opportunity for growth and new business development.
Key Themes
Most cyber-security solutions still focus on the perimeter. But today's threats are continuous and complex and applications no longer reside mostly within the enterprise. New solutions are needed. This event will focus on the cyber-security needs of organisations today:

The latest global best practice in cyber-security
Big data analytics and machine learning
Behavioural analysis and continuous user intelligence
Rapid incident response and forensic analysis
Cyber-security for banks, utilities and critical infrastructure
Cyber-security in the Cloud
More about the event....
Key issues for Spanish organisations
The public sector is looking for solutions: The departments of the interior, defence, foreign affairs, the Presidency and even the intelligence service were all hit by cyber attacks during 2014, with data and personal messages the target.
Large companies are keen to upgrade: Spain’s large private sector, its many utilities, its sizeable banking sector are all aware of their need to invest in cyber security solutions.
Critical infrastructure needs protection: The Spanish government has identified 10 key sectors that must be upgraded to cope with the new threat landscape: public administration, food, water, energy, finance and tax, the nuclear industry, chemicals, health, transport and ICT.
SMEs demand solutions: Small and medium-sized enterprises in Spain, as elsewhere, need help understanding where to start and solutions that they can afford.
Government is investing in cyber: The Spanish government is spending money on cyber security. Its National Cyber-Security Strategy is to ensure government systems are up-to-date. It is hiring staff and buying solutions. 

Current speakers include:

Jesús Mérida
Chief Information Security Officer 
Tecnicas Reunidas
Alejandra Frías López,
Senior Judge, Advisor at the Ministry of Justice
Member of the National Cybersecurity Council

Carlos Juarros Huerga
CSIRT Manager, IT Manager, Prevention and Safety HQ
El Corte Inglés

Oscar Pastor Acosta
Head of Security Branch

Senior Representative
Guardia Civil

Rafael Ausejo Prieto
Intelligence & Security Manager

Albert Miquel
Sales Manager, Iberia
Return Path

Jeremy Boorer,
Director of Europe, Middle-East and Africa
Easy Solutions 

Josep Albors
Chief Communications Officer

Luis Corrons
PandaLabs Technical Director
Panda Security

Alejandro Nolla
hreat Intelligence Analyst 
Manu Quintans 
Malware Researcher 

Andy Sceats
Managing Director

Charles Rami
Technical Manager

Organisations attending include:
Adidas • AXA España • Banco Davivienda • Banco Exterior • BANCO INVERSIS NET S.A. • Banco Popular España • Bankinter • Barclays • BBVA Grupo • BT España • Cajamar • CESCE • CNPIC • Codere • Confederación Española de Cajas de Ahorros • Cuerpo Nacional de Policia Madrid • Ecija • Enagas • EVO Banco • Galpe Energia • Grupo Cortefiel • Grupo DaXa • Grupo FCC • Iberdrola • Informática El Corte Inglés • ISDEFE • JB Capital Markets • La Caixa • Leroy Merlin • Mapfre • MasterCard • Metro de Madrid • Ministerio de Justicia • Nautalia & Wamos • Novo Banco • Perez Llorca • Redexis Gas • Reparalia • Repsol España • Rural Servicios Informáticos (Grupo Caja Rural) • Sanitas • Santander • SICPA • Siemens • Solvia Servicios Inmobiliarios • Supermercados Dia • Tecnicas Reunidas • Telemadrid • The Spanish Bankers' Association • Toolents • Vodafone • Yoigo Spain...and more... more