The e-Crime Series Find out more about the e-Crime Series
The e-Crime Series provides information security stakeholders with effective solutions to strategic and technological challenges. The events welcome in-house decision makers and experts from the market’s leading service suppliers who are responsible for areas that include I.T., security, technology and information risk management, forensics, investigations, audit, risk, compliance and fraud.

The Series is specifically designed to meet the needs of professionals working in the private sector and large government enterprise IT departments. The conferences deliver critical information, examples of best practice and practical case studies that detail how to proactively reduce risk in a changing business and technology environment, defend IT systems or data against emerging threats, identify sophisticated cyber attacks and comply with relevant legal, compliance, or regulatory requirements.

The e-Crime Series flagship event, the e-Crime Congress, is held in March each year in London and has welcomed thousands of information security professionals over the past 11 years.