08:00 -
09:00 -
 Critical Infrastructure focus  Securing ICS/SCADA systems - beyond the hyperbole!
Faheem Siddiqui, Manager - Group Information Security, Petrofac International
  • Fact-based insights around ICS/SCADA issues with an attempt to differentiate between two variant risk vectors, i.e. the likes of Stuxnet vs risks emanating from ‘lesser mortals
  • Ways to interpret and comply with the myriad of ICS security standards, guidelines
  • The Pareto principle for investing in technologies that positively impact ICS/ SCADA systems security
09:20 -
Security Connected Framework to optimize your business
Vibin Shaju, CISSP, Regional Manager, Sales Engineering, MENA, McAfee
  • How to reduce infrastructure risks
  • Greater security visibility
  • Protect your assets, network and endpoints in realtime
09:40 -
Security is a Big Data problem
Sebastien Tricaud, Principal Security Strategist, Splunk
  • The explosion of data, devices and machines is a security headache
  • How can a big data approach make your security team more productive and better at identifying and responding to attacks?
  • Hear how other organisations are using security intelligence to identify the "unknown" threat and defend against Advanced Persistent Attackers
10:00 -
Defeating e-Crime requires a 21st century approach
Dr Jim Kent, CEO EMEA, Nuix
  • Why are traditional methods for evaluating electronic evidence are becoming unsustainable?
  • What are the increasing variety of devices involved in digital investigations?
  • Why is it impossible and no longer necessary to analyse each device using forensic tools?
  • A content-based approach to identifying the most relevant evidence sources and key facts
10:20 -
Education Seminar Session 1
A range of seminars will be available. Delegates will be able to select the most appropriate topic for their requirements from the options below.
  • Intelligent Investigation Techniques for the age of Big Data by Nuix
  • Protecting your enterprise against advanced attacks with Bit9's New Generation Endpoint Security Solutions by Bit9
  • The State of DDoS: Observations from recent targeted attacks & best practice for proactive protection by Verisign
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11:00 -
Refreshments & networking break 
11:30 -
 Keynote presentation  from Hariprasad Chede, Chief Information Security Officer, National Bank of Fujairah
  • Hariprasad started his carrier by providing network solution to some of the biggest carrier networks in USA. Then he became a Network Security consultant for many of the fortune 500 companies. He is currently a board member of the ISACA UAE chapter and he is a trainer for CISA, CISM and CGEIT aspirants.
11:50 -
Changing employee behaviour to combat advanced threats & spear phishing
Andy Sceats, Director, Sales, PhishMe
  • What are the easiest cyber crime targets in your organisation?
  • What trends of electronic espionage are we seeing?
  • Where might organisations be currently finding a false sense of security?
  • How resilient are your employees?
  • How can your workforce be trained to identify, thwart, and report such attacks in a timely manner?
12:10 -
 Global case study  Driving security-aware behaviour: a case study from Vodafone
Luisa Gentile, Security Awareness Transformation Manager, Group Corporate Security, Vodafone 
  • Employees- "biggest problem" or "greatest asset": ensuring that security becomes part of everyday employee behaviour
  • Vodafone's new approach: setting up and managing a security awareness transformation program
  • Looking to the future: successes, challenges and failures in improving security-aware behaviour
  • Worldwide awareness: the international challenges of ensuring security awareness in an organisation with multiple locations
12:30 -
The Tale of HTTP 
Patrice Lamare, Pre Sales Manager, Bee Ware & Sebastien Talha, Sales Director, Bee Ware
  • Once upon a time…
  • …a nightmare?
  • Believe in the fairy tale!
12:50 -
Education Seminar Session 2
A range of seminars will be available. Delegates will be able to select the most appropriate topic for their requirements from the options below.
  • Cyber security threats and trends: the cyber disrupters every enterprise security practitioner needs to be aware of by Verisign
  • You can’t fight what you can’t see by Fox-IT
  • Live Demonstration: workshop on building an Incident Response and Digital Forensics Capability by Contego Solutions
  • Emulating the enemy: Threat Emulation Techniques for Zero-day Attacks by Check Point
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13:30 -
Lunch & networking break 
14:30 -
 European perspective  Experiences and insights from the field
Colin Greenlees, Head of Information Security, Eurostar 
  • Understanding the external factors that might impact your information security posture
  • Providing mitigation to reduce the likelihood of these risks from occurring
  • Measuring the effectiveness of targeted programmes and policies
14:50 -
Ebanking Security: Global challenges, trends and solutions
Mohammad Ismail, Regional Manager MEA, Enterprise Security, Gemalto
  • In the era of global mobility what new challenges does ebanking face?
  • How are sophisticated attacks being developed across the globe?
  • What proactive measures can be taken to secure ebanking transactions against current and future attacks?
15:10 -
Refreshments & networking break  
15:20 -
 Value through security  Embedding Security into Project Life-Cycle
Suzann Nitecka, Senior IT Security Analyst, National Bank of Abu Dhabi
  • Need for clear security requirements at the business analysis stage
  • Security involvement in the RFP process
  • Bringing value at every phase of a project life cycle
  • Security assessment - putting the theories to test
15:40 -
Redefining and defending the enterprise perimeter
Joakim Sundberg, WW Security Solution Architect, F5
  • The changing boundaries of traditional office and datacenter environments and the effects of BYOD, internet-facing applications and cloud computing
  • How the perimeter has evolved and the measures needed in order to secure corporate assets from a changing threat landscape
  • Rethinking network perimeter security to protect corporate applications and data as new technology drivers are adopted
16:00 -
e-Crime Abu Dhabi 2013  Panel discussion 
Panel Chairman: Hari Prasad Chede, Chief Information Security Officer, National Bank of Fujairah
  • Ajay Rathi, Head of IT, Meraas Holding
  • Gina Eipe, Head of Internal Audit (I.T.) & Advisory Services, Etihad Airways
  • Furqan Ahmed Hashmi PMP, CCIE, CISSP, TOGAF, IT Architect, Emirates Investment Authority, UAE
16:30 -
Refreshments & networking break